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EASIEST Affiliate Marketing Tutorial In 2023 For Beginners! (100% FREE)

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Use this affiliate marketing tutorial 2023 to make sales!

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In this video you’ll learn a powerful and simple method for affiliate marketing for beginners. This affiliate marketing tutorial for beginners in 2023 is very effective and easy. You can use this to learn how to start affiliate marketing which will allow you to earn money online.

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My Youtube Channel is dedicated to helping people of all backgrounds and experience levels start to make money online by working from home. I truly want you to realize how powerful you are and that you really can create the lifestyle you want, if you are willing to take action and follow proven methods.

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This description contains affiliate links. When you sign up using an affiliate link, I earn a small commission. My earnings are a result of hard work and dedication, these results are not typical.
00:00 Introduction
01:27 Creating Your Profile
04:20 Finding ENDLESS Content
05:45 FREE Tool To Help
06:53 Downloading Content
07:27 Crediting Content
08:39 Posting Content
11:44 Outro

I'm going to reveal an incredibly Powerful 10 minute free method for Affiliate marketing that will allow you To generate up to 500 a day even if you Don't have a website a following or any Experience online I'm going to share Every single step as far as how to find A good product to promote a little-known Free hack to get endless content to use To Post online and even towards the end Of the video how to post this content to Get the most traffic and clicks to your Affiliate link so you can rake in money Day in and day out so be sure you watch The entire training now real quick I Want to share some recent proof so you Can see I know what I'm talking about When it comes to making money online so You can see right here I actually Received a Facebook message from one of My viewers and they said Garrett my Sales have gone up to 500 or more a week Now thank you I love receiving these Messages and I would love as you watch This entire video and apply it for you To be my next success story so without Further Ado I want to dive straight into Today's tutorial so the place we're Going to get tons of free traffic in Today's video is Pinterest so Pinterest Is incredible it's free to create an Account and you can post different Photos you can post videos you can even Link to blog articles but like I said

I'm going to teach you how to literally Have content that you don't even have to Create yourself so you can start to get Tons of traffic in minutes a day so all You have to go to is Pinterest.com go to The top right click sign up if you don't Already have an account now I highly Recommend you actually sign up with a Pinterest business account this is Totally free as well but when you enter Your email put in a password and put in Your age and you click create account You're going to actually be able to get A lot more statistics see different Analytics on what posts are working with Your business account so you're going to Be able to scale a lot faster so the Next step is we want to actually design Our Pinterest profile now this takes Just a a few minutes it's a good idea to Put a good cover photo here now if you Don't actually have a photo of yourself You can simply go to Google go to images And then you can search in a few words That have to do with the niche your Product is in now in this video one of The ways you can do it is you can Actually promote the make money online Or affiliate marketing Niche so I can Literally just type in something like Luxury wallpaper because people that Want to make money online typically are Interested in luxury lifestyle so we can Go ahead and look and you can just

Choose really any one of these you know Even this one right here I can actually Save and download to my device and then I can go back to Pinterest and post it Right here now for this profile photo on Pinterest ideally it's good if you Include a photo of yourself but if you Don't want to show your face all you Have to do is again just go back here And you can type something like luxury Logo and you can actually look and just Choose any one of these logos and you Can actually create a profile photo now For your bio right here this is how We're going to start getting traffic and Click store affiliate link this is one Way now what you want to do is you want To actually put in a line so I said I Teach people how to make money with Affiliate marketing you can say I teach People how to make money online I show People how to profit and live a luxury Lifestyle you want to make this relevant Okay so if you're in another Niche you Could say I teach people how to lose Weight and then ideally you want to put Your affiliate link or website in your Bio okay because as we start to get Traffic and produce this content and Again you're not going to have to create It yourself you will start to get clicks To your affiliate link you can see here That just having this content posted That I posted months and sometimes years

Ago I still get 2 000 monthly views okay And Pinterest is not my main traffic Source so this is absolutely incredibly Effective so once we set up our profile The next step is we need to actually Start posting content now I want to Include a link directly below this video When you click that first link you'll Actually get taken to my number one Affiliate program it actually pays you Instant 100 commissions up to two Thousand dollars so you can actually Promote the same program I'm promoting And use this method that way so the next Step is we want to actually go over to Tick tock now Tick Tock is incredibly Popular it's a video platform and what We want to do is we want to type in the Search bar a few words that have to do With the niche we're in so again with The make money online affiliate Marketing Niche you can type something Like luxury I can type something like Travel okay because people that want to Make money online typically want a Lifestyle of Freedom so anything like That you can also do you know making Money online tips to find those type of Videos but for the sake of this video I'm gonna do Luxury okay luxury Lifestyle and I'm going to go ahead and Search that now what's gonna happen is Tick Tock is going to list the top Viewed videos right here now you can see

That this video right here Monaco Lifestyle has 1.7 million views which is Absolutely incredible okay this one Right here has 449 000 and it's just Showing photos and videos of a lifestyle So what you can do is you can actually Open up one of these accounts here and It's good to find an account that is Typically branded in that Niche because There's going to be a lot of videos so We could try to open this one right here To see does this person have a lot of Luxury videos and you can see they do Okay so this could be a good profile to Find a lot of content now once we find a Account in the niche that we're in what You want to do is you can actually use If you're on a laptop or computer a Google plug-in okay so if you have Google Chrome on your as your browser You can actually go to the Chrome web Store and you can search for sort for Tick tock this is a Google Chrome Plug-in that you can actually add I've Already added it and what it is is at The very top it gives you an icon on That you can actually click and what This does is if you go to a tick tock Profile you can see that this one has Over 7000 views this says twelve hundred One thousand fifteen hundred so you can See they're not the top videos of this Account but if we want to find the top Videos what you can do is click the icon

Click Start and it literally goes Through and in a matter of seconds we'll Rank the most popular videos in their Account at the very top of the page okay So I went ahead and sorted you can see You know 18 million views this one four Million 2 million so ideally we want to Take the most popular videos because if These are the most popular our chance to Get views when we use this content will Go through the roof okay so what I can Do is literally just take this top first Video I can open it up and what I can do Is I can literally just copy the link to This video now the next step is what we Want to do is we want to go to a website Called Savett.cc now I'm going to include the Links in the description below what this Site does is if you paste in a tick tock Video URL okay and I can actually erase All of that after the main link and I Hit search go ahead and allow us to Download this now we can choose a format Okay you can actually have the watermark Or do it without the watermark and I can Just hit download and this will download To whatever device I'm on you can see it Downloading there so now what we can do Is you can just go to Pinterest and you Can actually post this video but it's Best to actually credit the owner so What I can do is I can go to another Free site called canva.com if you don't

Know about canva you can create all Kinds of things you can create YouTube Thumbnails you can see right here I use This a lot I can create YouTube Thumbnails I can create Facebook cover Photos all this type of stuff but we Want to type in mobile video this is a Template and I can go ahead and click There and search for this template now Once it loads I can just click create a Blank mobile video now what this does is This is a template to create Tick Tock Videos this already gives us the size That is best for tick tock so what I can Do is I can go to uploads and I can go Ahead and upload file here now I went Ahead and selected the video that we Just downloaded from Tick Tock I can Click that and I just want to size it so It fits okay right there now one of the Last things you can do is I can go to Text I can add a heading and I can say You know credit and then I can just go Back to tick tock copy this person's Username and then just paste in their Username now I can just put this towards The bottom so now that's pretty safe We're giving a shout out we're giving a Credit to the actual Creator and then What we can do is just go up to the top And hit download and download this Tick Tock video with a credit on it okay so Now that that's downloaded we want to go Back to Pinterest and what we want to do

Is we want to actually go here and Create a pin now what we want to do is We want to click here we want to upload The video we just downloaded from Tick Tock with the credit okay so I went Ahead and uploaded it right there now For the title what we want to do is we Want to go to another tab in Pinterest We want to go to this search bar here And we just want to type a few words That have to do with our Niche so for Example could be you know luxury we want To look at what keywords Pinterest is Showing us because these are real Keywords other people are typing in and Searching so if we use one of these Keywords as our title chances are we Will rank our pen in Pinterest and a lot More people will see it so I can just Choose one of these you know I can do Luxury life and then see you can even go Further luxury lifestyle okay luxury Lifestyle dreams but I'll just choose Luxury lifestyle and I'll go back here For the title we want to put that in and We want to add a few words after it to Make it more clickbaity and make it Where people want to click you know Click it more luxury lifestyle you must See to believe okay that's pretty good Now tell everyone what your PIN is about Okay so we can write a short description Watch this luxury lifestyle video to see What is possible now notice I added the

Keyword again okay this can help it rank As well add tags you can add a few words That describe the video now these tags Are also keyword words that helped us Rank when people go ahead and search so When people go to Pinterest they search Luxury lifestyle and they hit enter Certain things are going to show up okay You know these are based on again Keywords and different things that People have added such as a title so we Can add that add tags okay so you can go Ahead and type in you know a few words Like that luxury and then see you know One of these so I can do you know luxury Cars okay because that's what that has To do with and then for added Destination link you can go ahead and Put in your affiliate link now again if You don't have an affiliate program that You're promoting that pays you well be Sure you go down to the first link below What you can do is that you can actually Get that affiliate link you will Actually be able to earn 100 instant Paid commissions when someone actually Signs up through you in that program so Let's say my affiliate link was Google.com for the sake of this video Publish immediately and we just go to Publish okay so we can see our pin right Here this would be our our affiliate Link right there that someone could Click and go to it has our title and

Again we're using very popular Tick Tock Videos you can use the plugin to find The top videos credit it okay with the Person's username and then go ahead and Post on Pinterest ideally you want to do At least one of these videos a day it is A numbers game but the more videos that You actually post the more potential Monthly views you can get on your Account and the more clicks to your Affiliate link sales and money you can Start to make now as I said before be Sure to click the first link below to See a free video revealing how to easily Set up my number one affiliate system to Promote with the method shared in this Video to get paid instant 100 Commissions also click the Subscribe Button with the Bell icon so you don't Miss out on my latest money making Methods and last if you want to discover Another incredibly easy method to make Commissions online be sure to click the Video that will show on the screen in Just second to discover that one also Thanks for watching and I'll see you on The next video [Music]

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