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How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing! (100% FREE & Copy/Paste)

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I’m going to share how to make money with affiliate marketing!

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00:00 Introduction
00:58 Finding a Product To Promote
02:22 Free Tool To Use
03:01 Copy/Pasting Content
05:01 Creating Cover
07:01 Putting it Together
09:27 Posting Content
10:59 Outro

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This description contains affiliate links. When you sign up using an affiliate link, I earn a small commission. My earnings are a result of hard work and dedication, these results are not typical.

So you can see one of my viewers Mary Right here said Garrett my sales have Gone up to 500 or more a week just using One of the methods I shared in my past Videos in this video I'm gonna reveal a Five minute copy paste method that will Allow you to generate daily autopilot Affiliate commissions even if you don't Have a website a following and you don't Want to show your face online the best Part is it's totally free to do I'm Gonna share every single step as far as How to find a good converting product to Promote how and where to copy paste the Specific text and then the specific free Traffic site so you can get tons of Clicks to your link on autopilot so be Sure to watch the entire training Oh and Before I dive in also be sure to grab my Free four-day affiliate crash course at The link below to learn how to quickly And easily make your first two thousand Dollars online so without further Ado Let's dive into the very first step of Today's training so the very first step Is we need to find a good good Converting product to promote there's a Lot of places one place is ClickBank Once you go here if you don't have an Account click Start here and you can Sign up for free it takes just a few Minutes now once you're inside of your Dashboard you want to click the top Tab And go to Marketplace this is where

You're going to find tons of different Categories of products such as health And fitness spirituality that you can do Now the cool thing about this method is It does not matter which category but For the sake of this video we're going To go to self-help we're actually going To do the dating Niche so in ClickBank When you find a product you want to sort Results by gravity high to low this is Going to list the best selling products At the very top the higher the gravity Score the better okay so once it has a Good gravity score and a good dollar per Conversion what we want to do is Typically open up this affiliate page so You can go to the right and open that up And what this page does is this can Share more information of who is this Product for and what are they really Teaching inside of it okay so if I Scroll down a little bit it says history Secret Obsession has helped thousands of Women okay so this is for women improve Their relationships so this is going to Be for women helping with improving Relationships now what we want to do is Go back to ClickBank just click this Promote and then create hop link and This is going to allow us to copy this Link at the bottom and we want to save This in a notepad Okay we just want to Save that affiliate Link in a notepad Right there because we're going to use

This in just a second now what you want To do is you want to go to Google and You want to search Google Slides what a Lot of people don't know is if you have A Gmail account you get access to all These different tools and resources Including Google Slides so you can Either click this icon if you're logged In or you can just click Google slides In Google Now once we do that we want to Go to this page and we want to click go To slides and then once you're on this Page you just want to click blank and This will create a totally new and blank Slideshow now we want to do is go back To Google and we just want to search and Try to find an article giving tips that The product helps people with so in this This example I could type in female Relationship tips female relationship Tips because we want to actually find an Article that we can take some of the Tips from and give that away for free Which will ultimately lead them to Wanting to buy your product as you'll See okay so I can just open any one of These articles and I just want to find An article that has some good advice Okay so you can see learn to be trusting And don't be gullible speak your mind Okay so this is pretty good so now what We want to do is we want to actually Take these tips okay now I can do let's Just say six and I can open this notepad

And now I can start to paste this in Okay so it's going to remove if there's Any links and things like that and we Just want to edit this okay so you can Erase anything that's not relevant so Like that I can adjust it like this okay So also read we want to remove that Because we just want the tips like this Like that okay okay so now that we have It you know pretty good format what we Want to do now is we want to go and we Want to actually you go back to this Slideshow and we want to come up with a Title to the slideshow so this has to do With female relationship tips so what I Can do is I can actually go to a site Called Contentroad.com and what this has is a Free headline generator so this will Actually create a headline for us so if I type in something like relationship Tips and I say get headlines this will Generate some click bait type headlines That we can use okay so it says right Here how to have a healthier Relationship with relationship tips the Surprising truth about relationship tips We just want to find one that makes the Most sense okay so why you should forget Everything you learned about Relationship tips so that's pretty good Actually okay so what you want to do is Copy one of these and then we want to go Back to the slideshow and we're going to

Actually use this as a title but so Rather than just typing in the title Right here we want to create actually an Image that will catch people's attention When they see the slideshow and this Will all make sense towards the end of The video so be sure you keep logic but What we want to do is we want to go over To a free site called canva.com this Site allows you to create tons of Different photos YouTube thumbnails but What we want to do is look down here and If you don't see it you want to scroll To the left or right and we want to find Presentation okay because this is going To be the slideshow so what we want to Do is open this up and then find a good Template okay so you can scroll down Right here and I mean this one looks you Know pretty good right there and I can Just do that and that's going to add This template okay so we can delete Stuff like this words right here okay we Just want to quickly delete all this and Then we just want this title and what we Can do is we can paste in the click bait Headline that we generated so let me go Ahead and format this a little bit Better and you can also make this a lot Smaller if I highlight here you can make This a lot smaller so let's just play Around with it so that's looking pretty Good you can also do this and I can go Ahead and move some of this around just

To make it look a little bit better and Again you can play around with this the More you do this the easier it's going To get so you want to Center that and we Want to make sure this title makes sense Okay so it says why you should forget Everything you learned about Relationship tips so why you should Forget everything you learned about Having a relationship with a man okay Because this is for women why you should Forget everything you learned about Having a relationship with a man so That's going to catch women's attention That are interested in relationship Advice and things like that okay so this Is a very good title very good slide now What we want to do is we want to go to The top right and we want to just click Download and then we want to actually Download this as a JPEG okay so go ahead And download this to your device and Then we want to go back to the slide Show that we're creating we want to Delete this if we added it what we want To do is we want to hit insert we want To go to image and then upload and Upload that image we just downloaded Okay so that's something pretty darn Good we can also you know make it a Little bit bigger okay to make it fit so That's the title slide so now what we Can do is we can actually go here and do New slide and now what we want to do is

Open up the notepad where we save these Tips and now I can just copy the first Tip go back here and boom and then I can Just copy and paste this right here okay We can go ahead and paste that in just Like that and now you can see that's if I make this a little bit Bolder it's Starting to come together okay and you Can go ahead and bold this the cool Thing too is once you create one of These slides you can create this as a Template and then you can just edit the Text each time you want to pump these Slide it shows out as you'll see in a Second when we use this to get massive Free traffic so then just hit new slide And you literally just want to go Through and finish for the tips that You've saved okay boom and then I would Paste in this right here okay and you Can go ahead and format this just like That now after you go through the simple Tips that you found from that article The last thing is we just want to hit New slide and we want to actually say in Conclusion and we want to Center this we Can go here Center okay in conclusion And now we want to give a call all the Action to click our affiliate link this Is how we're going to start getting Autopilot clicks sales and commissions With this passive strategy so then we Just want to say something like I hope You enjoyed learning these relationship

Tips if you want to learn the best way To attract your ideal man click here now Okay now again you want to tailor this Obviously to the product you're Promoting I hope you enjoyed learning These money making tips I hope you Enjoyed learning these stock market tips If you want to learn the best way to XYZ Click here now we just want to highlight This here then what we want to do is we Want to actually click this little Paperclip icon open up our notepad copy That affiliate link and then we just Want to literally paste that in and Click apply and now what will happen is When people see a conclusion after Reading through the slide getting value Now they'll see this and when they click That it will take them to our affiliate Sales page and because this is high Converting a good portion of people will Decide to buy making you money now one Of the last steps is we want to actually Save this slideshow so we want to hit File we want to hit download and we want To download it as a PowerPoint we would Just want to download this as a PowerPoint presentation okay so now the Last step is we need to upload this Slideshow to a website so people can Find this and we can start getting free Traffic so one site that's incredibly Powerful for slideshows is Slideshare.net when you go here you just

Create a free account it takes just a Few minutes and what you can do is Upload slideshows here and a lot of People will see it okay you can see Right here that this one got 18 752 Views this one got over 20 000 views so These are getting great views and once You upload it once it will be up there Forever and people will keep discovering It going through the slideshow and Clicking the link so what we want to do Is we want to actually click upload and Then then we want to select that PowerPoint presentation now once you do That you'll see because we've created This good title slide in canva with a Click bait headline this will stand out When we post it now for the title I Recommend you use the same title you Used right here so you can go to canva You can copy this title and then just go Ahead and use that as the title Description you can say discover these Tips to attract your ideal Man category You can choose a category that's Relevant so you could do so you could do Like self-improvement okay public and Then publish so now this is actually Published so if people go to search Relationship tips things like that they Will see this ranking there they will Open this up okay so if I share with you What it's going to look like they're Going to open up this slide show and you

Can see that when they go through okay Read the tips and then they'll see click Here now okay which is the affiliate Links so I really really hope you got Value with this free traffic strategy This method is incredibly powerful go Through the steps and also be sure to Get access to my totally free four-day Crash course series at the link below It's going to walk you through more Training on how to make your first two Thousand dollars as soon as possible Thanks so much for watching my friend And I will see you on my next video [Music] Thank you

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