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How to Promote Affiliate Products on Youtube Shorts! (100% AUTOPILOT 2023)

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Learn how to promote affiliate products on Youtube shorts!

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This description contains affiliate links. When you sign up using an affiliate link, I earn a small commission. My earnings are a result of hard work and dedication, these results are not typical.

What if I were to tell you that you Could make three hundred dollars or more A day for free and on autopilot what if I told you that it took no more than 10 Minutes a day and you could do it Without showing your face or creating Any content yourself well the amazing Thing is you can it's all just with a Specific strategy using affiliate Marketing and YouTube short now by the End of this video You're Gonna Learn a Simple copy paste way you can leverage a Free software to spit out done for you YouTube shorts you can post and begin Getting endless traffic to whatever Affiliate link you want to promote so if You're excited to learn this be sure you Smash the like button right now to let Me know also be sure to go to the first Link below to get totally free access to My four day affiliate marketing crash Course showing you the fastest way to Make your first two thousand dollars Online so without further Ado let's dive In to the training now like I said this Is all about YouTube shorts I want to Share with you a few channels that are Actually using this and crushing it with This method you can see this channel Right here it's all about very simple Short videos that have to do with Motivation so YouTube shorts are 60 Seconds or less and it's basically just A short video you can see right here

This is 20 000 views a hundred and Thirty eight thousand views now this Isn't even the person of the channel Okay these are celebrities and I'm going To share with you how you can literally Start to do these videos in minutes Again without even having to create them Yourself now if I go to a website called Socialblade.com you can put in any YouTube channel and I've put in the one There and you can see on average the Estimated monthly earnings okay now the Estimated monthly earnings is between One thousand one hundred dollars and Over seventeen thousand dollars per Month now this is just from ads on the Video so this is not counting the Affiliate commissions that you'll start Making when you use this method now Here's an another Channel psychology Arcade all they do is post very simple Psychological facts or different Information you can see these are Incredibly short incredibly simple Videos and each of these videos are Generating you know close to 2 000 views Or more and this literally would take Them seconds to spit out okay so now That you see what's possible now that You see kind of what the end goal is Going to be the first step is we need to Find an affiliate product to promote one Place you can go is clickbank.com so all You have to do is go to ClickBank you

Can click Start here create a free Account and now once you finish this Process you can go into your back office And you want to click the tab under Marketplace now this is going to take You to this page here where you can Basically see all these different Categories now this method is going to Work best in the health and fitness E-Business e-marketing okay and even Spirituality now actually for this video We're going to be doing health and Fitness okay so all I have to do is Click there now on ClickBank specific Typically we want to sort results by Gravity high to low because what this Shows us is the best selling product so You can see this one right here this is Insane anything above 30 is good with The gravity score and this has 1600 okay Which is insane and the average dollar Per conversion is over 140 dollars which Is a pretty good commission okay as far As this method goes now we can open up The sales page we can take a look we Just want to make sure that it looks Pretty attractive but because this has a High gravity score that means it's Selling well so we can be rest assured This is converting now once we do that If you're using ClickBank you would just Hit promote create hop link and then This would be our affiliate link here so This is the link if someone goes to and

They buy we get credit so I'm going to Put this in a notepad to keep this handy Now the next step is we're actually Going to go over to a site called Tinyurl.com now what this site does is If you put in a long affiliate link you Can actually shorten this and make it Look more attractive active make it look More appealing for people to click on so I like to customize the link to make This easy for people to search and find So our product right here has to do with Weight loss okay so it says it's plants And nutrients so I can write something Like you know best plant diet and I'm Going to click make time URL now we want To see if this is available so this one Actually is so then all I have to do is Go to copy and now if someone goes to This shortened link it's going to Redirect to our affiliate link and when They click order now or they go to one Of the buttons add to cart we will get Credit and we will start to make money So now let me replace this and now That's looking really good now the next Step is we want to go to in video dot IO The link will be in the description Below this is the free software that we Want to use in order to pump out YouTube Shorts so all you have to do is Click Sign up now and you just go through the Very simple process of putting in your Name email password word and then

Creating an account now once you're Inside your dashboard what you want to Do is go to create new and we want to go To templates and what you want to do is You want to type in this little search Bar something like YouTube shorts okay And we want to go ahead and search that And this is going to give us all these Templates you can see this one right Here with this motivational message is Very similar to this one here so maybe You can start to see how this is coming Together so now we just want to find one Now because I'm in the health and Fitness niche in this video I'm going to Do this best cooking tips so all I have To do is do that we want to do portrait Okay and we want to use template so now It's going to load this into an editing Platform where we can quickly edit some Of the text in order to make this even Better okay so it loaded right there now You can see the duration is 28 seconds Which is good anything between about 20 Seconds to 60 seconds should work now This actually has six different scenes As you can see right here now what we Want to do is we just want to quickly Edit this text to fit it the product We're promoting so you can see right Here the product has to do with weight Loss and you know plant-based things Like that so one thing that would be Great for this are weight loss tips so

If we go to Google you can simply type In you know four because that's how many Is actually in here okay so four and Then weight loss tips now you can do Four money making tips four success Quotes okay whatever you're doing but For this example we want to do that Search that and then we can just go Ahead and find an article okay now this One has 12 tips but we can just take Four of them so it says right here do Not skip breakfast eat regular meals so I can just copy the top four put that in Our notepad Okay and I can literally Just erase the text that is extra so It's just the tips okay like that then We want to go back to in video and just Edit this text okay so I can go ahead And delete this just right there Clicking on it and clicking delete on my Keyboard I can make this there and I can Say best weights lost tips as I put in The text over there okay and you can Kind of format this very simple stuff Now right here so it says cooking tip Number one so I can just say weight loss Tip number one okay we're literally just Editing very simply delete that now for Here we would just go over here erase That tip go here copy the first one and Then put it in do not skip breakfast Okay now that's pretty small so you can Actually play around and make that Bigger okay you can also edit the color

Okay so if it's kind of hard to see I Can change this fill color to something You know maybe like that okay so you Just want to play around with this this Should not take you long okay you just Want to go very quickly through you know Weight loss tip number two again I would Just click there edit this tip number Two okay delete the thing we don't want Open this up here and then put in the Tip number two and you just want to do That and go through the process again I Can make this bigger just like that and You just go through and complete the Remainder very quickly and then what we Want to do is go to the last slide right Here and we just want to add edit this And basically give a call to action for Someone to go to our tiny URL okay so That's why it's important to actually Make the last few words very easily for People to search because with YouTube Shorts you can't put a clickable link on The video they'll have to type it in Into Google and search it so we want to Make it very easily and effortlessly for Them to find so we just want to delete Some of this stuff here okay like that Center this here and then what I like to Do is go over here and say something Like discover the best way to lose Weight by going to okay and then we just Want to put in this part right here we Just want to paste it in there okay so

You can see it right there and then we Can actually make this a little bit Wider just so it fills and that's pretty Darn good so you can see right here if We play this what's going to happen is It's going to share four best weight Loss tips which is relevant to our Product Foreign It's going to share our call to action Okay now people are going to see this if They're interested in learning more They're going to go to tinurl.com best Plant diet they're going to get Redirected to our sales page and we can Start to make sales now again we're also Going to be able to make money with our YouTube shorts going viral and you can See that this is another income stream You can earn now just a few last tips One thing you want to keep in mind is You want to create a channel that's Branded to the niche so you want to be Posting these videos on a consistent Basis at least a few times per week Around a similar Niche now another thing Is when you upload these videos you want To title it something and you also want To include a keyword that people would Be searching in order to find some good Keywords you can go to the top search Bar and just start to type in a little Bit about what your product has to do With so in this case weight loss and you

Can see all these different keywords That YouTube is giving us these are real Words people are searching in so you can Just take one of these and put this as The title of your YouTube short and then This can start showing up when people Actually start to search this in the Search engine okay your short can start Showing up here and then people can see It that way so I really hope you enjoyed Learning how to do affiliate marketing With YouTube shorts it's very very Simple stay consistent use that free Software to start to pump these out on a Daily or weekly basis and you will start To make money also be sure to go down Below at the first link get access to my Totally free four-day affiliate crash Course taken you by the hand step by Step to make your first two thousand Dollars online thanks so much for Watching my friend and I will see you on My next training Foreign

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