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BEST Way To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing! (FREE & COPY PASTE)

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Discover the BEST way to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners!

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This description contains affiliate links. When you sign up using an affiliate link, I earn a small commission. My earnings are a result of hard work and dedication, these results are not typical.

So all you have to do is go ahead and Copy your affiliate link right here go To this website and simply download this Video that you don't even have to create Re-upload the video over on this website And you can start to generate Commissions just like I have as you can See generating over 35 000 in right around 30 days online now In this video I'm going to reveal an Incredibly powerful five minute free Method for affiliate marketing that will Allow you to generate daily clicks to Your affiliate links totally on auto Violet resulting in sweet commissions Flowing in like clockwork I'm going to Share every single step as far as how to Find a high converting product to Promote how to do this copy paste method So it will work for you even if you're Not tech savvy at all and even towards The end of the video how to scale this Simple method to 500 or more a day so be Sure you watch the entire training so if You're excited to learn this be sure to Smash that like button right now to let Me know comment let's go to show others You're serious and without further Ado Let's go ahead and dive to the very First step okay so the very first step Is to find a high converting product to Promote one place is digistore24 you can Actually go there and click register now In the top corner and you can just go

Ahead and sign up for free put a Username an email password and you can Sign up within a few minutes now once You're logged in all you have to do is Go to the marketplace tab right here and They have all these different categories Of products you can promote such as Family and kids games and fun now for The sake of this video we're actually Going to go to fitness and health so Click that and this will take you to 104 Products that you can go ahead and find To promote now I will say digistore24 is Not my favorite place to find products To promote if you want to discover how To get paid instant 100 commissions be Sure to click the first link below and Watch that free overview video but in This video we're going to be using store 24. so we're going to actually sort Results by sales rank this is going to Share with us the best selling products At the very top of the page and for the Sake of this video we're going to be Using the ultimate Keto Plan so the next Step is we need to get our affiliate Link so we can get people to click that Link on autopilot to start to rake in These daily commissions so all you have To do is click here now if it doesn't Show okay so sometimes it's going to Show a button like this okay I'll share With you what it looks like promote now You just click right there and then it

Would generate your affiliate link okay But since I've already clicked on it let Me go back and copy this here and I'm Going to put it in a notepad file to Keep it handy now the next step is we're Going to actually open up this sales Page okay so whatever product you Promote you want to open up the sales Page and you want to look and see does It have a video for this specific method We want to find a product that has a Sales video not a letter with a lot of Text now once you find a video right Here this works great if it's embedded On the page with YouTube okay so you can See this video right here is actually Going to be on YouTube if I click on it You can see right here that the person Uploaded the sales video over on YouTube So we can download this video using this Tool here okay now all the links in this Video are going to be in the description Down below what this site does is it Allows you to save YouTube videos to Your device and we're going to be able To leverage this video to get autopilot Traffic without having to show our face Or create the videos ourselves now if This video is embedded and maybe it's a Vimeo or another type of video you can Still do this method you would just have To search for a vimeo video downloader But this is a YouTube one so what we Want to do is once we go to this video

And we open it up we want to actually go To share and we want to copy the direct Link to the video go back to this Downloader paste this in and click Download okay what this is going to do Is allow us to actually download this Exact video you can see it's 8 minutes And 52 seconds which is great and we Just want to click download now once This is downloading to my computer here The next thing we want to do is go over To another free site called canva.com Now I've referenced canva a lot in my Trainings as you've probably seen canva Is incredible because you can create Facebook posts Facebook covers if you Ever need anything designed such you Know as these type of photos you can see I've used it to create YouTube Thumbnails but in this video we're going To actually go up here and we're going To type in video okay we're going to use The actual video template so if I click There it's going to share with us all These different templates that we can Choose from okay you can see it right Here now there's all these different Templates and you can get really fancy But for this method it's incredibly Simple we're just going to click here Create a blank video and once you do That what we're gonna do is we're going To actually go over to uploads and we Want to click upload file and we want to

Choose the video we just downloaded so Let me go ahead and upload this video to Canva and share with you the next step Okay so you can see right here that this Video is actually uploading now while It's uploading I can click on it now Again this is the sales video of the Product we're promoting now as you keep Watching this video you're gonna see how We're gonna tie this all together so the First thing you want to do is you want To drag this to make sure that it fills The entire video okay right there and The next thing we want to do is we want To scroll all the way towards the end of The video okay and I can actually zoom Out a little bit like this but what we Want to do is go all the way to the end And we want to click here and this will Actually allow us to shorten this video Because we don't want to upload the Entire video on to the site I'm going to Share in a little bit what we want to do Is we want to go back and we want to cut This to right around two to three Minutes long because what's going to Happen is as you'll see people are going To click on this so let's say we do Let's say right around you know two Minutes 30 seconds okay that's fine two To three minutes is fine line now this Video is shorter now why why did we cut This sales video don't we want them to Watch it we do but we don't want them to

Watch it on the site we're going to Re-upload this video on as you'll see in A second so what we want to do instead Is we want to click add page and this is Going to add a screen after this video Here in our video right there okay so What we want to do is we want to go to Text and what you can do is you can Actually first off make this black okay Which I like to do and then I can click Add heading and I want to make sure this Is white okay so it will show and then What we want to do is we want to type Something like click the link below to Watch the full video and you can go Ahead and enter that to make it look Better and I can click and hold and I Can Center this okay see where the the Purple lines okay that's centered now Why are we doing this right well as You'll see in just a second I'm going to Share with you three different free Sites we can re-upload this video on to Start to get autopilot traffic and we Want to leave people awesome ultimately To our affiliate link because when they Go to this link what's going to happen Is over time there's going to be a Button that appears and when they click That button and they buy we're going to Get credit for that referral and we're Going to start to make sweet sweet Commissions as you can see I've been Able to generate over 35 000 and right

Around 30 days so how do we do this Right what's the next step well to make This even better you can actually click On this text and I can go to animate and They have all these different animations So you can go ahead and choose one like This but I'm going to actually choose The fade so let me share with you what This looks like so if people are Watching the sales video and then all of A sudden click the link below to watch The full video okay so they're gonna Start watching this video and then this Is going to interrupt them right and Lead them to watch the full video so the Next step we want to click share we want To go down here click download and now We want to download this edited video to Our device and while it's downloading we Want to go over to the first free Website we can share this video on to Get autopilot traffic and that is Bitshoot.com now bit shoot has all these Different videos people are uploading on Here it's similar to any other video Sharing website and all you have to do Is go up here and click register and you Just go through the process to create an Account so you would create a username An email enter your email password Except there okay and then agree and Create an account and you can do that Within minutes now once you create an Account what you want to do is you want

To click upload new video and we want to Choose that edited video that we created Using canva and upload it to bitshoot Okay so once we're on this page you just Click here and then you would browse and Find it on your device and upload it Here okay so it's uploading right there You can see it uploading and now what we Want to do for the title is we can Actually go back to the sales page and We can see if there's anything Eye-catchy that we can use and you can See this button actually appeared okay So someone will buy that's how this Sales page works but it doesn't really Have a title instead we can go here and We can see you know oh the ultimate keto Meal plan okay so that's a good title we Can copy that go back here and I can put The ultimate keto meal plan now that Title is still a little bit boring for People to click your video you want to Make it a little bit clickbaity so I can Say you know discover the ultimate meal Plan your doctor is hiding from you okay Something like that or discover the keto Meal plan your doctor is hiding from you Okay I can edit this you know just play Around with it really but that's looking Pretty good description now this is Crucial okay this is where we're going To start to get passive traffic and Sales okay so for the description I can Type in something related to the product

If you want to discover the keto meal Plan your doctor doesn't want you to Know about click here to watch the full Video right because remember in here we Cut it off right and we you know we add Towards the click here to watch the full Video right and then what we would do is You don't just want to put your long Affiliate link here because it's a bit Unattractive to people what we want to Do is copy this link and then you can go Over to another free site called Tinyurl.com paste in that long affiliate Link there click make time URL and then Just copy it there and then what we can Do is go back here and paste that in Like that okay so it has the title it Has the description giving a call to Action to click our shortened affiliate Link for search term it says max3 you Can put in some Search terms like you Know keto and you just put a space keto You know diet exercise right just a few Words that you think people may search And then just hit proceed and we can go Ahead and publish this video onto bit Shoot now the next site you can go ahead And upload this video to start to get Traffic is Rumble you just go to Rumble.com you create a free account you Click here and then you would upload That same video you can use the same Title description because it's on Another site now this is how you're

Going to be able to scale you can see That there's a lot of these videos and They're getting really good views Rumble Is an up-and-coming site a lot of top People are now going to rumble so it's Getting more and more popular and again As you upload these videos and you can Upload videos from many different Products many different niches to start To get tons of passive traffic to your Affiliate link to start to make sales And in the last site of course is Youtube.com you can literally just Create a YouTube channel go ahead and Upload right there and then you can go Ahead and start to get tons of views Every single day to your link making Tons of sales even while you're sleeping Now as I said before be sure to click The first link below to see a free video Revealing how to easily set up my number One affiliate system to promote with the Method shared in this video to get paid Instant 100 commissions also click the Subscribe button with the Bell icon so You don't miss out on my latest money Making methods and last if you want to Discover another incredibly easy method To make commissions online be sure to Click the video that will show on the Screen in just a second to discover that One also thanks for watching and I'll See you on the next video [Music]

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