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FREE Traffic Software For Affiliate Marketing Beginners! (Make $300+/DAY)

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I’m going to share a free traffic software for affiliate marketing!

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This description contains affiliate links. When you sign up using an affiliate link, I earn a small commission. My earnings are a result of hard work and dedication, these results are not typical.

So you can see from one of the Facebook Messages I received recently from one of My followers they said Hey Garrett I've Already gotten my first two sales this Week I love sharing methods that help You guys get real results and in this Video I'm gonna reveal an incredibly Powerful free copy paste software you Can use as a total beginner that will Allow you to generate 300 or more per Day with affiliate marketing even if you Don't have a website a following or any Experience online I'm gonna share every Single step as far as how to use this Totally free software to get endless Clicks to your affiliate link how to Find a good product to promote if you Don't have one yet and even towards the End of the video I'm going to share two Separate websites you can use to ramp up Your results and make even more money so Be sure you stick to the very end of the Video so if you're excited to learn this Be sure you smash the like button to let Me know also comment comment let's go Below to show others you're serious and Without further Ado let's go ahead and Dive in to the very first step so the Very first step is we need to head over To a website called anyword.com now all The links referenced in this video are Going to be down below in the Description and what this site is it's a Totally free software that allows you to

Create tons of different content with a Click of a button just go ahead and Click Start for free sign up for a free Account and once you're in your back Office you just want to click blog Wizard and what we're going to do is Click on new blog post and create a blog Article now the amazing thing with this Totally free software is it allows us to Create blog posts totally passively just With the click of a button okay so You'll get taken to this page here now What we're going to be able to do is Just type in a few words here and this Software will literally spit out a Amazing blog article we can use as You'll see in a second to promote Whatever product you want to to promote So the first thing we want to type in a Few words that have to do with the Product we're promoting so if you Already have a product maybe you're in The health and fitness Niche I can type In something like how to lose weight From home just as an example I'm going To share how to find good products in a Second so keep watching but let's say That was the niche you're in for topic Or industry I can type in health and see What pops up so healthy living okay so Again whatever your product is you're Promoting it could be make money online It works in any single Niche and then Just click next okay so what this

Software does is it literally starts Generating titles and outline and all This good stuff so you can also see the Rating okay so the score the higher the Score the better so you can see right Here nine tips to help you lose weight From home that sounds pretty good I'm Going to click there and just go to next And now it's going to do the outline of Our article so it's going to head and Generate you can see section one set Realistic goals section two find a Workout routine you enjoy Etc okay so this is pretty darn amazing Amazing and I'm going to click next the Next thing it's going to do an intro Paragraph So it's going to start to Create a paragraph that's going to lead To the rest of our blog and again we're Going to use this blog to generate Hundreds of dollars a day so you can see It has different examples again we want To choose the one with the highest Rating right there and click next and Then finally setup is complete continue To editor now once you do that we're Going to actually be able to generate Paragraphs under each of these bullet Points okay so you can see the intro Paragraph here that's fine set realistic Goals I can go ahead and hit generate And it's going to write out a paragraph Under that point right there okay so you Can see right there it's created a

Paragraph now I can hit continue and it Will write more under that point but That's good for now I can go here click Generate and do the same thing and Continue all the way down for the Remaining nine points okay you can see Right there now for the sake of this Video I'm actually going to delete the Rest of them but you would go through And you would finish for all the other Ones okay so I went ahead and deleted so Now we just have two again you would do It for all of them but to save time for This video I'm gonna do that now once we Do that we want to actually go up here And copy the blog post to our clipboard Because we're actually going to use this Article somewhere else so now what you Want to do is you want to go over to Google and you want to type in something Like Google Documents Okay Google Documents right there and we just want To click that link right there now I've Already done that and then we want to Click on blank and create a blank Google Document okay so what we want to do is Because we've already copied that Article to our clipboard we can just go Ahead and paste it right there and it Will paste that article so now what I Recommend you do is you just format this Slightly okay to make it look a little Bit better you can enter and space it I Can actually Center the title right

There I can bold it okay so I can also Copy and I can make this larger okay so Like there we just want to play around Make it look pretty good because what We're going to be able to do is actually Use this article to start to get tons of Free traffic to our affiliate links Passively and even while we're sleeping So the next step is we want to give a Call to action to a product in this blog Article so if you don't have a product To promote you can go over to a website Called Digistore24.com this is a great website To find tons of products in many Different niches you would just click Register now and you can go through the Process to creating a free account it Takes just a few minutes you want to Choose affiliate not vendor and Affiliate put your username Etc and then Register for free now once you're inside Your back office you can go over to Marketplace and it has all these Different categories of products you can Promote and like I said for this example We're going to do fitness and health so I can just go ahead and click that Category now before I continue in this Video I will say Disney Store 24 is not My favorite place to find products to Promote I'm going to include a link Directly below that first link takes you To my number one affiliate system that

Gives you capture pages follow-up emails Already pre-written that will go out on Your behalf and it pays you 100 instant Commissions before this video we're Going to be using digistore 24. now you Want to sort results by sales rank this Is going to share with you the best Selling products at the top and I'm Going to use the ultimate keto meal plan So all you have to do is go ahead and Get your affiliate link here if it's a Blue button you just click that and it Unlocks your affiliate link I've already Done that now we just go back to Google Documents here and what we want to do is Towards the bottom of the article we Want to write a call to action so you Can say something like these tips work Great but to discover my favorite way to Lose weight click here now okay and then All you have to do is highlight that Click here now go to this little paper Clip and then paste in your affiliate Link and then what happens is when Someone will go to this article which I'll share how to do in just a second They will read it get value and then They'll see this link they'll click it And it will take them to to our Affiliate link which after a certain Period of time will have a button appear And when they buy you'll be able to Start raking in money very very Passively so what's the next step well

Once we do this we want to go to file And we want to download it as a PDF Document okay so just go ahead and click That it's going to download to my Computer now the first site we're going To use to actually get people to go to Our PDF so they can read this blog and Decide to click the link and buy is SlideShare slideshare.net is an Incredible place to post PDF documents Because it gets tons and tons of Visitors every single month there's Millions of people going to this website Every single month clicking and viewing These different PDFs and we can Passively have people click our link so We can upload here after you've created A free account select documents to Upload and just choose the PDF we just Created so let me do that right now okay So it's uploading right now the PDF that We just created remember the PDF that Looks something like this with our link And what we want to do is we want to put A title so you can literally just go Back here I can copy the title there and I can just use that as my title for Description I can write a little bit About the title discover nine tips to Help you lose weight from home category Okay we want to choose a category that's Related so we can go health and medicine For our example and then just add a few Tags okay so I've already done this

Before and I can go ahead and erase Right there so keto keto meal plan and Then public and just go ahead and Publish so now this is published and What will happen is this will start Showing up on SlideShare so when people Search you know how to lose weight keto Things like that this PDF will show up They'll read the PDF they'll see our Link right there again and they will Decide to buy because our product is a Very high converting good product now The second and last site I want to share With you that you can share our PDF on Is gumroad.com okay a lot of people Don't know about this site there's going To be a link directly below when you go To this site you want to click start Selling okay and you want to create a Free account takes just a few minutes And what gumroad allows you to do is Actually create products that you can go Ahead and sell to people now if you have Your own information your own value that You want to teach people you can Actually create your first product and You can write out your own blog and your Own information and you can sell it to People now for this video we're just Going to create your first product and We're going to use the PDF that we Already created with this incredibly Simple free software here so what we can Do is go here the name of the product

Again we can title it the same name that We have right there go back there put it In and then we want to choose a type Okay they have digital products courses For this we can actually just go to you Know ebook because that's really what We're going to sell is a PDF so I can Click there for the price okay we just Want to put it very cheap because we're Not going to be making a lot of money Selling this PDF we're going to make a Lot more money when people buy for very Cheap and they go through and they Actually buy this affiliate link okay This product right there so what we want To do is we want to just price it very Cheap and then we can just go to next Customize okay right there so for the Description we just want to write Something that describes what PDF we're Actually giving away to people so I can Say discover these powerful tips to lose Weight from home okay something very Simple URL now for a cover okay we want To add a good cover photo to this PDF so It entices people to want to buy now the Way we can create a cover very simply Easily and quickly is to go over to a Free site called canva.com I've used This site for many things including you Know YouTube thumbnails posts on Facebook okay so what we want to do is Go here and you can just type in PDF Cover okay and I can search that now

Once you do they have all these Different templates now you want to Avoid if you don't want to pay the pro So this one for example is free I can Open this up and what this is is a Template that we can use with our cover On gumroad okay so we just want to edit This slightly so we can erase you know This right there for here I can you know Type something in relating to our PDF Like lose weight fast and then for this Little thing I can go ahead and go back Here copy this again go back to there And I can paste it in like there so nine Tips to help you lose weight from home I Can make that bigger okay I can also Erase this image because that really has Nothing to do with losing weight okay I Can Center that and then for the image I Can actually just go to photos and I can Search something like you know scale Okay like a weight loss scale and I can Go ahead and find a free one like this And I can just go ahead and make that Like there I can Center this okay so you Just want to play around like that I can Center this one and that's looking Pretty darn good and you can see we we Just created this in a matter of seconds Okay so that's pretty good Center that There and then we just go to share we go To download and we just download this Image to our computer so now that I go Back to gumroad I just want to upload

That cover that I just created okay you Can see that cover right there that Looks pretty darn good and then for Thumbnail you can actually create a Thumbnail that will show up so I can Just go to un Splash right here I can Just search for an image such as lose Weight and gumroad actually gives you Images okay so I can choose this image For call to action this is what people Will see when they want to click to buy I want this is fine summary you can Usually use that leave that blank pages You don't really have to do anything There price one dollar okay go all the Way down and then once it's good I can Hit save changes and then publish so now That that's published you can see right Here that it actually has the copy URL And if we go right there to our product We're going to be able to see what this Looks like so this is what it's going to Look like it's going to have that cover Over nine tips to help you lose weight From home it has the description right There it has the one dollar and then When someone clicks I want this they're Going to be able to go to the order form And buy you'll also be able to make that Dollar when someone buys but the real Value in this is because people will see This PDF showing up on gumroad because Gumroad helps other people discover your PDF you can see you can sell to anyone

What will happen is people will buy that PDF they'll start reading it because This is incredibly valuable remember we Created it just using this simple free Software in a matter of seconds they'll Read over the article they'll get value They'll see the call to action they'll Click here and then because we're Promoting a high converting product they Will click the buy button and you will Start to make money over time over and Over again now as I said before be sure To click the first link below to see a Free video revealing how to easily set Up my number one affiliate system to Promote with the method share in this Video to get paid instant 100 Commissions also click the Subscribe Button with the Bell icon so you don't Miss out on my latest money making Methods and last if you want to discover Another incredibly easy method to make Commissions online be sure to click the Video that will show on the screen in Just a second to discover that one also Thanks for watching and I'll see you on The next video Thank you

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