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Freedom Accelerator Review l AMAZING Affiliate Program Or Not? (TRUTH REVEALED)

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See my full Freedom Accelerator Review in this video!

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In this freedom accelerator review created by Jonathan Montoya, I’m going to share my honest view on why you should join this program in 2022 or 2023 and beyond. I’ll share how to join Freedom Accelerator Program as well as whether I believe it’s the best affiliate marketing course.


00:00 Introduction
01:42 My INSANE Bonus Package
05:04 See Inside The Membership Area
13:02 Accessing The Webinar
14:07 How To Join Today
15:15 Jonathan’s Bonus Package
16:56 How To Access My Bonuses

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Hey there Gary Berry here now I don't do A lot of reviews on this channel but a New training program came across my desk Recently and I got tons of messages from My viewers asking if I could review this So the training program is called Freedom accelerator and it's created by Seven figure online earner Jonathan Montoya now I'm here inside the members Area and in this video I'm not only Going to give you a full complete review From A to Z but I'm also going to give You all the price breakdowns and how Much it costs to actually join this if You see an opportunity for yourself now What this training program basically Teaches you is tons of free strategies You can use to promote affiliate Products even if you don't have a Following online in fact one of the Modules will teach you how to create Five second silent videos to get tons of Free traffic and you don't even have to Show your face in the videos it also Teaches the four main phases you'll have To go through to become a six or seven Figure affiliate marketer and exactly How to to quickly and easily progress Through each of those phases now who is This training program for and do I Really recommend it for newbies well I Highly highly believe after going Through all the training modules myself This is perfect for someone that doesn't

Have any Tech skills maybe someone Completely brand new and someone that Just wants to really figure out exactly How to start making money when it comes To affiliate marketing so if all this Sounds interesting to you be sure you Stick with me through this entire review I'm going to be sharing everything you Need to know to make an informed Decision and I've also put together a Custom bonus package you're going to be Able to get totally for free when you Actually join through me at the link Under this video so first off I just Want to cover the bonus package I'm Going to be giving away again if you see An opportunity for yourself and you Purchase this training program through The link under this video through me Bonus number one is access to my social Media Mastery training course so this is A course that I released a while back That shares with you traffic training From Twitter Facebook YouTube and Instagram now you can see right here I'm Actually logged in to my back office Inside of social media Mastery and we Have multiple different modules such as The crucial mindset for Success you can See right here you know I have videos Where I share things I've never before Revealed on my YouTube channel I also Have module 2 defining your dream client Facebook marketing Instagram YouTube

Marketing Secrets if you've ever wanted To know how I actually decide on what Videos to create on my YouTube channel How I rank those videos you're going to Be able to learn much more inside of That module there so that's the first Bonus again totally free just when you Get access to the trading program Through my link so now bonus number two Is you're going to be able to access Three night stay in a luxurious Hotel in Miami the stay in that hotel is Completely free the only thing that's Not covered is the flight to get to Miami and there are just a few tax taxes That are not included but you're going To be able to literally stay in a hotel In Miami okay if you've ever wanted to Enjoy the beaches there if you want to Get the nightlife Miami is absolutely Incredible and you're going to be able To get three nights stay for free again Just as a bonus through joining me bonus Number three is a YouTube and Tick Tock Channel review I know a lot of my Audience has started to do YouTube Videos and Tick Tock videos and if you Want a personal review from myself who's Been online full time for the last six Years or so I'm gonna be able to do that When you actually purchase through me This training program I'm going to look At your YouTube or Tick Tock and I'm Gonna give you real honest feedback on

How to make it better and how to Increase your sales so you can start to Make even more money bonus number four Is training on how to get very cheap Leads running Bing ads so Bing is an Incredible platform to to get very cheap Leads it's automated once you set up Your campaign and in this private video You're going to be able to actually see How to set everything up so you can Start to generate leads bonus number Five Training to 10x your high ticket Sales with freedom accelerator okay so If you actually want to join Freedom Accelerator you want to promote it as an Affiliate which you can do you're going To be able to learn how to 10x your Sales secrets that I've learned over the Years I'm going to be sharing with you So you can start to make the most amount Of money bonus number six it's training Revealing top free traffic sources for Affiliate marketing okay so again if you Don't have a lot of extra money you want To start getting some clicks to your Affiliate links so you can start to make These sales you're going to learn my top Free traffic sources and then finally Bonus number seven you're gonna get Exclusive access to all of the vendors Bonuses okay I'm gonna be covering that A little bit later in this video when You actually purchase Freedom Accelerator you're gonna get access to a

Lot of bonuses as well that Jonathan Montoya has created when you actually Purchase that okay so this is the bonus Package again when you go through the Link below you'll be able to get all of This for free so now what I want to do Is I want to literally go inside the Membership area as you can see on the Screen and I want to walk you through All the different modules so you can Know what to expect when you actually Get started with this program okay so The first module is a welcome and Getting started it's a 12 minute video And Jonathan Montoya is basically going To cover what to expect in this course That's kind of what I'm doing inside This video as well and for every module Every video it's going to have some Action okay so it's really cool because You're not going to ever be stranded you Know a lot of these programs you get Inside and you don't know what to do you Don't have the simple action step to do After the video how do you make it real Well they give you these actions after Each video okay so you can actually Follow through and continue to do it They also have a Facebook group of Members so there's a community built in Which was one thing I really liked about This program now now what you want to Understand is inside of Freedom Accelerator they cover the four phases

To Freedom right the four phases to Becoming a full-time six or seven figure Affiliate marketer Base number one is Basically the affiliate stacking Ecosystem what this is is this is Basically going to teach you how to find Good affiliate products online and how To stack them in such a way where you Can dramatically increase your Conversions and sales so you can get Paid for multiple different products and Multiple different income streams okay You can see right here they talk about How to find the major problem finding a Main core product so you can see right Here the actions okay there's a workbook There's building the map so everything Is very broken down in simple bite-sized Steps if you're someone that gets Confused easy if you're someone that Gets overwhelmed this is very very Simple and straightforward now again With the affiliate stacking ecosystem What it basically is is you're going to Be able to find a main core product in a Specific niche you want to go into okay It could be health and fitness making Money online really does not matter now Once you find that main core product What they're going to teach you how to Actually you know go in depth with this Affiliate ecosystem process and how to Find other supporting offers to promote On top of the main offer because a lot

Of people they promote just one offer Online and if that offer goes away or if That offer you know the product Creator Changes something then you're kind of Lost without an income stream but if you Don't put all your eggs in that one Basket if you spread yourself out you Have a lot of different offers they're Not contradicting they're all supporting That you're going to be able to make a Lot more money now phase one okay is Broken into many different modules so You can see phase one how to build an Automated sales system it basically Teaches you how to build a funnel so if We go right here understanding you know Why we build an automated sales system You're going to be able to see that you Know Jonathan Montoya is basically going To break down why it's important to do That okay so so if you've ever wanted to Know how to create a website how to Create a capture page you can see right Here this is the affiliate stacking Ecosystem what you're going to be able To learn is how to actually use either Click funnels or system.io these are Funnel creation softwares and you're Going to be able to see in training you Know exactly how to set this up because If you want an affiliate marketing Business I always preach in my YouTube Videos you want to send traffic not Directly to the affiliate sales page

Because most people won't buy right away You want to instead send it to a capture Page a funnel collect that person's Email and then follow up through emails And you know this teaches you in this First module how to actually set up your Own funnel it also talks about email Marketing okay so again if you've ever Wanted to learn how to do email Marketing maybe you went to an affiliate Marketers funnel you put your email in And then you start receiving these Automated emails sending you different Affiliate products you may wonder how to Do that well this training Freedom Accelerator gets into to exactly how to Set this up the secret email formula so How to actually send the right emails That are going to get opened and clicked And people buy from so it's really Powerful and again the reason I like This so much is it's really A to Z on Building a long-term affiliate marketing Business now phase one the next module Is creating 5 to 15 second short videos Like I said that's one of the things You're going to learn inside of Freedom Accelerator and they actually cover you Know how to create social accounts Creating a killer bio 100 plus short Videos for you to copy so how to find Other videos that people have created That aren't even showing their face Putting their their voice out there how

To find those videos and then copy them Legally so you can start to deploy it And get massive free traffic to whatever Affiliate offers you want to promote how To get 1000 Tick Tock followers Overnight okay so if you don't know you Have to have at least a thousand Tick Tock followers to put a link in your bio Well with this training right here this 13-minute training you're going to learn A hack to quickly and easily get to that Thousand Tick Tock follower you know Mark phase one Facebook reels phase one Right here DM closing so if you want to Make high ticket affiliate sales one Good way to do it is to actually talk to People in direct message okay this could Be on Instagram Facebook and there's Actually a formula that they cover and The guy that teaches this module has Made over seven figures online just Closing sales in the DM you don't have To do Zoom calls you don't have to get On and talk to people on the phone you Can literally do it using a script that They share inside of this module okay I've actually gone through this module It's absolutely incredible I've learned A lot of things so it's really cool so Phase two is the automated traffic Machine this is how to generate leads From YouTube okay so with some of the Traffic strategies you have to you know Go out there you have to message people

Things like that with automated traffic Machine this phase you're going to learn How to actually start to set up Automated assets that are out there such As YouTube videos that are bringing you Leads and sales even while you're Sleeping so you're going to learn YouTube setup and understanding the Different video categories you can Create the perfect YouTube script so if You've ever wanted to know how to script A video to get tons of attention views Clicks to your link under the video this Script is absolutely incredible and Again they have these different actions Okay so they have the workbook on how to Script your first video the Facebook Group okay and record your own video Right there how to blow up your channel Using Discovery ads okay so if you want To run some YouTube ads you're going to Learn how to do it in the 16 minute Video phase three is increasing Conversion so once you start doing the Affiliate ecosystem process once you Start having YouTube videos going out There you know phase two is bringing These autopilot leads now it's how do You make even more conversions okay so This is something like you you could Create your own bonus package you can Actually deliver lead magnets you can Build a Facebook group so this is what You're going to learn inside of phase

Three okay so you can do you know a deep Dive into your customer Avatar and again You know this is a three minute video And this is very important again these Are the skills that will pay the bills For years to come this isn't some Fly-by-night thing Jonathan Montoya has Been online for a long time and you can See right here the Deep dive into the Customer Avatar okay don't share this With anyone that is very very powerful And then ultimately phase four is coming Soon so at the time of recording this Program is very new they're going to be Releasing phase four in a very short Period of time so you can see that why So many people are raving about this Program why I'm raving about it they Really teach you from A to Z how to Build a funnel how to send emails how to Get traffic how to increase your Conversions and ultimately phase four Will teach you how to hire a team how to Outsource things like that so you can Really scale your business to the Moon Okay so first off before I continue There's going to be two main links under This video first is going to take you to The webinar you can see the webinar Registration page right here okay so all You have to do is select a date put your Name in an email address and a phone Number and then register for the master Class and what this webinar will do you

Can see it right here is Jonathan Montoya will teach you much more Information on again this program the Broader level on exactly how this works Why it works so well you're going to Learn more about his story okay Jonathan's story on how he went from Struggling and very broke to now making You know seven figures online with Affiliate marketing you're going to see All that and more I highly recommend you Watch the webinar okay I covered a lot In this video but I still recommend you Watch that webinar and then there's Going to be another link and you can Also get taken under with the button Under the webinar but the second link Under this video is going to take you Directly to the order form so so if You're watching this and you're ready to Actually join you want access to these Free bonuses you can go down below and Just go directly to the order form this Is the price breakdown okay so the total Amount for Freedom accelerator is not You know ten thousand dollars which you Could easily charge for what you're Getting it's not even five thousand Dollars it's actually just one thousand Four hundred and ninety seven dollars Okay which is incredibly reasonable when You think about how much it costs to go To college you know thousands and Thousands of dollars and most people

Often don't even get the job that they Went for okay with this it's one payment Of one thousand four hundred ninety Seven dollars and you get access to all Of those modules to literally build a Six for seven figure business now they Also have payment plans so again if you Do the one-time payment you'll save 294 Dollars that's the most popular or if You want to break it up into three easy Payments it would be five hundred and Ninety seven dollars three times okay so You can choose let's say you do the One-time payment you put put your name Email address country and then you can Pay with PayPal or a debit or credit Card and then you just go ahead and pay And that will automatically give you Access to all of the training the Community things like that it's Absolutely incredible but I want to Share very quickly just some of the Bonuses you're going to get on top of This right here all of this you're also Going to be able to get the freedom Accelerator program okay so that's what We just talked about there the five hour Fast start okay so this is a done for You funnel to start promoting a high Converting offer so if you just want to Get started and already have a funnel to Promote that's going to give you there The freedom Community okay so that's a Bonus you're going to get access to the

Facebook group with tons of members People supporting you being there weekly Coaching calls okay so this is a 4997 Value Jonathan Montoya himself are going To be on these calls coaching you every Single week on answering your questions Getting you the results you want and six More amazing bonuses tick tock 0 to 10K Blueprint top 15 affiliate stacking Niches so if you just want one of the Best niches to start in you can use that Bonus case study okay Daniel Daniel Chose six figure formula okay Daniel Cho Is right here he's made multiple six Figures if not seven figures online and He teaches you how he does it step by Step secrets of reels okay so you can Actually use like Facebook reels and Again instant business in 90 minutes you Just pick one of ten more done for you Offers and you can go ahead and get Started for example crypto affiliate Stack real estate okay so you can Literally just get started total value Over twenty three thousand five hundred Seventy dollars this does not include The thousands of dollars my bonus Package is worth again all yours for Just one payment of one thousand four Hundred ninety seven dollars or the Three payments of I believe 597 okay so Go down below do either the webinar I Highly recommend you still watch that Webinar and then go ahead and join once

You join the last thing is once you Purchase be sure to email my team your Receipt okay so once you purchase you'll Get a receipt in your email inbox Screenshot that okay and then email that Receipt to my email address right here At support Prosperwithgarrett.com and myself or one Of my team members will quickly and Easily send you over those bonuses Within the day so you can get the three Night stay in Miami my training course All those bonuses you saw last but not Least if you have any questions and You're watching this video on YouTube be Sure to comment them in the comment Section below I'll be sure to answer Them the best I can so you can really Understand why I really recommend this Training program the freedom accelerator Program so thanks so much for watching My friend like I said I don't normally Do a lot of reviews on this channel but If you like this I'll do a lot more sure What to avoid and also what I recommend Thanks so much for watching and I will See you on my next video [Music] Thank you

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