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This $100+/Day Affiliate Marketing Tiktok Method Is TOO EASY!

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Discover an affiliate marketing tiktok method to make $100+/day!

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00:58 Examples of Others Succeeding
01:59 Creating An Account
03:31 Creating TikToks In Minutes
08:54 Creating Link In Bio
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This description contains affiliate links. When you sign up using an affiliate link, I earn a small commission. My earnings are a result of hard work and dedication, these results are not typical.

If you want to learn exactly how you can Get to 100 or more a day just using Tick Tock and affiliate marketing this Training is for you I'm literally gonna Share exactly how you can use a totally Free tool online to create amazing Tick Tock videos in seconds then I'm going to Share how you can upload these videos Onto a tick tock profile to start to get Tons of free clicks to whatever Affiliate link you want to promote all This resulting in you easily getting to That hundred dollars a day Mark as fast And as easy as possible not only that But towards the end of the video I'm Even gonna share how to find good Products to promote with this method if You don't know where to find some and I'll share some bonus hacks to scale This method to thousands of dollars a Week so if you're excited to learn this Be sure to like the video and comment Let's go to show others you're serious About creating income online so the First thing I want to share with you is Just some other Pro profiles that are Already doing a similar method so you Can see that this works incredibly well One of them is Goodreads quotes you can See that they post very simple videos With just a basic video and text but you Can see that these videos are getting Thousands of views right here now this One got 15

000 you know eighteen hundred sixty Seven hundred and more okay now you can See that they also have a link right Here that if you open up this link will Go to different affiliate offers like This one right here and they can start To make money and you will too when you Use this method you can see this one Right here motivated AF you could see That they have the similar videos right Here okay with just a basic video and Text and again as you watch this video I'm going to share exactly how to create These in seconds so you can go ahead and Pump these out and you can see that These videos are getting thousands of Views and again they have a link Promoting affiliate offers so the first Step is we need to go to tick tock and We need to sign up for a free account Now you can use a phone you can continue With Facebook basically you just want to Sign up and once you sign up you want to Basically model these profiles here We're going to create a tick tock in the Motivation the success Niche because We're going to be promoting products to Help people make money and also start an Online business which is very popular Right now so we just want to create a Title right here you can see this one Says motivated AF you can do you know Success quotes success tips anything Like that as your name and then you just

Want to write a very simple sentence Right there you can see motivational Success mindset you can also write Something like this be inspired and Encouraged by quotes and then now what You want to understand is you can't Actually add a link to your Tick Tock Bio until you get to at least 1 000 Followers which is totally fine because I'm going to share with you how to Create these videos in seconds so you Can quickly and easily build at least 1 000 followers so then you can put a link Into your bio okay so for the most part You want to just set up your profile Like that for a photo here you can Simply go to Google images and you can Type something in like beach wallpaper And you can go ahead and download one of These photos and use it as your profile Photo right there now once your profile Is set up the next simple step is to Simply create videos like this so what I'm going to share with you is a totally Free tool you can use to create videos Just like this so there's going to be a Link directly below all you have to do Is go to that link it's going to take You to in video dot IO this is a totally Free tool to create Tick Tock videos you Just can click here to get started it's Free and there's no credit card required So once you create a free account and You're inside of your dashboard you want

To click on templates and what we want To do is we want to actually go down Here and click portrait and what that's Going to do is share with us all these Different Tick Tock templates now it Doesn't really matter which one you Shoes but for the sake of this video I'm Going to choose this one right and all You have to do is Click use this Template and it's going to load where we Can go ahead and start to edit this Template and create a tick tock video Okay so once this is loaded the first Thing we want to do is we want to click On this audio right here and we want to Delete that audio you can just click Delete on your keyboard if you're on a Computer and what we want to do is we Want to actually first off choose a Video here so if we go to videos I can Just search in something like luxury Like this or I could do you know Beach Anything that's basically going to be Related to success or traveling this is Going to be very good so let me just go Back to luxury because I saw one that I Like so if you see one that you like you Can just hold on that okay like this and I can just drag it right onto there and I can replace that right there and just Click there okay so now we're starting To have this video created okay now There are other scenes like this that is Already added on this template so I can

Just click on this and delete delete Okay delete all of those and then what I Can do is I can actually drag this and Make it longer you want to make it at Least 15 seconds okay now once that's Loaded what we want to do is we now want To actually click this piece of text Here and we're going to edit this text Okay so all you have to do is you want To put in a success or motivational Quote again you can see that these Videos are very simple and they just Have like a quote with a background of a Beach or some something related to Luxury okay so to find quotes all you Really have to do is go to Google and Just type in success quotes and then Once you do that you can go ahead and Open one of these articles with a lot of Quotes so I went ahead and did that you Can see 200 plus motivational quotes and All you have to do is go down and find One that you like okay copy this go back To in video and then just replace this Text right here okay we can go ahead and Format this a little bit better and we Can go ahead and just drag like this Okay to make it fit and look pretty good Just like that now can actually Center It like this okay make it a little bit Smaller and that's looking pretty darn Good so if I start to play this you're Going to be able to see what it looks Like

Okay so that's looking pretty darn good Now the next thing we want to do is we Want to actually add another text okay So then what I can do is I can copy this By clicking on it clicking copy and then Go ahead and paste it on so now we have Two and now what we want to do is we Want to actually on this top one we want To edit it by double clicking and we Want to just put in something like like And follow for more just like that and I Can make this smaller and now what we Want to do is we want to actually just Click on that one and we want to drag it So it's just at the end of the video so You can see right here how that appears And then we want to click on this one And make it right when that appears okay So you can see you know we could do Right there and then also make this one Appear right there okay so you can Center this and you can see that it's Going to play and then it's going to say Like and follow for more now the reason We want to do like and follow for more Is because our goal in the beginning is To get followers our main goal is to Post these videos just like these okay That will start to get views and then Once we keep telling people to like and Follow as soon as we get to a thousand Followers here now we can put a link to Our affiliate offer and then we can tell People to actually go to the link in our

Bio okay so right here I could basically Say click the link in my bio that's After we get to a thousand followers but In the meantime we're just gonna go like And follow for more now that's pretty Darn good as I showed and then what you Want to do is once we've created this Video in a matter of seconds and the More you do it will get easier and Easier we just click export and you just Want to click on the 720 which you can Use for the free version and click Export and this will download to your Device so you can go ahead and go back To your profile on Tick Tock and you can Go ahead and upload that Tick Tock now One more trick you can use before you Publish your Tick Tock video publicly You can actually go to sounds as you're Uploading this Tick Tock and you can go Ahead and select Tick Tock viral this Will share with you the most viral songs At that time and you can go ahead and Choose one of those songs and add it to Your Tick Tock and what that's going to Do is that will start showing up in the Search showing up on the for you page For other people when that song is viral And they will stumble across your Tick Tock videos and because you're using Good success quotes you're using good Videos that are done for you you will Start to get views just like this Account and again you will start to get

To a thousand followers very easily now Once you get to a thousand followers Again you want to put a link in your bio Now you can see this person has Lake Tree this person also has link tree now What link tree is is this is a tool that You can actually add multiple offers and Multiple links so if you go over to Lake Tree you can actually create a account For free and then once you're in your Back office you can enter a URL and add This to your link tree so for example if I take my affiliate offer that I'm Promoting currently you can go ahead and Put it there and hit add and it will add To your link tree now you can actually Edit the text so I can say something Like discover the best way to make money Online and that will show up right here So for example if I go to share and I Open up my link tree you'll see what This looks like so it has my name right Here discover the best way to make money Online when people click there it's Going to get taken to my number one Affiliate offer now if you don't have an Affiliate product that you're currently Promoting I invite you to go to the First link in the description that will Take you to my number one affiliate Offer it pays you instant 100 Commissions so you can start to make Sales and get the money as soon as today Now you can also go back to linktree and

You can add multiple links if you want To promote your Facebook okay let's say You have a Facebook account this is mine Right here okay I can add that and I can Just click on ADD now you can add Another link okay let's say you want to Promote your Instagram so I can go to Here instagram.com slash you know Whatever your username hit add and then For the title I can say follow me on Instagram for more and then I can just Move this over so our affiliate offers The top one and then Instagram and again If we go back to our Lake tree and we Refresh this now it's going to be like This okay and then all you have to do is Go to the Top Copy your link tree link And go back to your Tick Tock profile And once you have a thousand followers Put that Lake tree here and then what Will happen is again people will see These videos when you use those viral Songs when you use this software okay to Create these videos very easily what Will happen is people will see this They'll see our link tree and then they Will start to buy so I really hope you Enjoyed learning this powerful Tick Tock Strategy the key is consistency you want To be posting these Tick Tock videos Ideally on a daily basis try to do one a Day it's a numbers game some of them are Going to get more views than others but The more you post the more your profile

Will start to go viral the more clicks You'll get to your link and the more Sales you'll get to your affiliate Offers now as I said before be sure to Click the first link below below to see A free video revealing how to easily set Up my number one affiliate system to Promote with the method shared in this Video to get paid instant 100 Commissions also click the Subscribe Button with the Bell icon so you don't Miss out on my latest money making Methods and last if you want to discover Another incredibly easy method to make Commissions online be sure to click the Video that will show on the screen in Just a second to discover that one also Thanks for watching and I'll see you on The next video [Music]

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