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How To Start Affiliate Marketing In 2023! (From ZERO to $10K/Month)

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How To Start Affiliate Marketing In 2023!

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01:14 What Is Affiliate Marketing?
01:53 How To Find a Good Product To Promote
04:57 Free Traffic Method #1
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This description contains affiliate links. When you sign up using an affiliate link, I earn a small commission. My earnings are a result of hard work and dedication, these results are not typical.

If you clicked on this video chances are You want to learn how to start making Money with something called affiliate Marketing maybe you've heard about this Amazing money you can make online from Scratch starting with as little as 30 Minutes a day and perhaps you've seen Some results of beginners who are able To make money online and you're Interested in doing this too but maybe You don't know where or how to start I Want to tell you you're in the right Place I've been doing affiliate Marketing full time for around six years And in this video I'm going to share First off exactly what affiliate Marketing is so you can understand in Simple terms exactly how it works then I'm going to break down some key steps To get started such as how to find a Product to promote in two different easy And free methods to start getting clicks To your link as soon as today that way You can begin making money as soon as Possible so if you're excited to learn This be sure to click the like button Below to let me know also be sure to Click the first link below to get insta Access to my free four-day affiliate Marketing crash course where I share Every single step to make your first two Thousand dollars online all that being Said let me start by showing a video Explaining what affiliate marketing is

All affiliate marketing is is just Finding products that you don't have to Create these are products that are Already created it could be training it Could be a camera it could be a lot of Things and then all you have to do is Actually join that company that created The product join their affiliate program Which gives you your own link this is Simply a website link that's coded Directly to you now all you have to do Is just go to places online for example Like Pinterest or Facebook and when you Get people to click that link and they Buy through your link you get credit and You actually can make money in the form Of a commission so now that you know What affiliate marketing is the first Step is to find a product to promote one Place you can go is clickbank.com you Would just go to this site you can click This start here button on the top right And then all you have to do is answer a Few simple questions and you can create A free account now once you're inside Your account what you want to do is go To the top Tab and click marketplace now What ClickBank does is it lists all These different categories of products That you can find to promote they have Categories such as health and fitness E-Business e-marketing spirituality Self-help Etc now when it comes to Affiliate marketing and getting started

I highly recommend you start with either The health and fitness E-Business E-marketing or relationships which on ClickBank are typically found under the Self-help these three niches are always Going to be relevant for people and They're very good to start with now I'm Going to start with the health and Fitness niche in this video so you just Click there now on ClickBank and any Affiliate platform you want to find Products that are already selling well Already making sales for other people so The reason you want to do that is Because if it's making sales for other People chances are if we promote that Product we'll be able to make sales as Well so on ClickBank you can sort Results by gravity high to low and what This does right here is this shares with You the products with the highest Gravity score now on ClickBank gravity Simply is an average of how many other Affiliate marketers are successfully Making sales so the higher this number The better anything above 30 on ClickBank is pretty good you can see This one has an insane gravity score Currently of over 1600 which is great Okay another thing you want to keep in Mind when you promote a product is what Is the average dollar per conversion or The average amount of money per sale That you're going to make the higher

Typically the better because you need a Lot less sales to hit your income goal You can see this one is 127 118. so on ClickBank the golden ratio is typically What is the highest gravity score with The highest dollar per conversion okay Because that's going to make you the Most most money so now what I like to do Is any product I'm promoting you want to Open up the sales page which you can Find by going to the affiliate link and You want to look it over and make sure You resonate with it make sure it looks Professional possibly you would even buy This product okay so this one's looking Very good this is in the health and Fitness Niche and it says it has to do With alpine nutrition and plants so now On ClickBank and on any platform you Want to find your affiliate link so on ClickBank you would just click promote Here create hop link which is just the Affiliate link and then we want to copy This to a notepad file okay this is the Link you want to keep handy you always Want to keep your affiliate link very Handy because this is what you want to Promote this is the link we want to get People to click on so now our sole goal Is to just get as many people that are Interested potentially in our product to Click on this link so for our example The product that we're promoting right Now has to do with health and fitness so

The first free traffic Source I want to Share with you inside this video is Facebook now if you go to Facebook and This is going to be free not running Facebook ads what you can do is you can Actually go to the search bar and you Want to type a few words that have to do With the product and the niche you're Promoting in so for example I can do Health and fitness and I can search this Now you can also do dating or make money Online based on what product you're Promoting now once we search this we Want to go to the left and we want to Sort results by groups because we're Looking for big Facebook groups Facebook Groups with a lot of members you can see This one has 31 000 members because what We're going to do is actually post Inside these Facebook groups to start to Get clicks to our link so you don't just Want to open up one of these groups that Are big because some of them may not be Active we want to look for groups that Are having a lot of members but also Have a lot of posts per day because we Know people are active so this has 10 Plus posts a day so I can open up this Group now some of these groups you have To actually become a member to post them So you can just click join group here And what we can do is we we can actually Just you know make sure that it's active Okay so this one is not looking that

Great because you can see it's not Getting a lot of Engagement so we want To find a group that people are posting In but they're also getting some Engagement okay so this one has 35 likes Okay so this one has 19. so this one is Better because it's actually getting People engaging in there so now what we Would do is we would go right here and We want to make a post now the whole Goal is to post something that's going To pique people's interests we're Essentially posting an ad but we want to Make this in a way that's very Conversational and not very pitchy okay So for example this is a post that I Made on my Facebook profile not too long Ago where I was promoting a product that Taught people how to make money online So you can see how I wrote it here and I Did it where I didn't tell people what The product name is you don't want to Tell people all the information you want To pique their interest you want to get People interested and reaching out to You or commenting okay for more Information so the formula is basically You Peak people's interests by talking About the benefit okay so the product I Was promoting was instant paying 100 Commissions and you could get paid from A smartphone so I said that but I don't Tell people what it is then I tell them Comment 100 for info so then you want to

Tell people comment yes for information Comment in you know 100 comment uh info For information okay you want to tell People to comment something so you start Getting engagement the more comments the More this post will start showing up on Other people's feeds and you can see a Hundred a hundred a hundred then what You want to do is all you want to do is Open up their profile to people that Comment and you just want to message Them something like hey I saw you Commented for more information check it Out here and then you would send them Your affiliate link okay so this is Going to get you clicks already because If people are commenting they're Interested because this page is very Converting well okay it's a high Converting page a portion of those People will buy and you will start Making money now how do we do it in the Group well in the case of a health and Fitness product I can I can go to this Page here and I can just kind of read Over some of this you know to get an Idea of what to post so it says you know Belly fat so this has to do with losing Belly fat and plant-based nutrition okay Nutrients so I can go here and I can say Wow I just discovered a plant-based Solution that will help you shed belly Fat almost instantly for info comment Yes and I'll share with you more info

Something very simple just like this now If you can keep the words shorter okay You can actually make it look like this Right here okay so I'll share with you So if I get rid of some of this I just Discovered How to shed belly fat almost Instantly so I can click here and I can Go there and then I can actually choose A background like this and that looks Pretty good and then I would just post That this is the first free traffic Method the free method to get people to Click your link the second way I want to Share with you in this video is if you You go to a site called free Global Classifiedads.com the links will be in The description if you go here you can Actually create a free account you would Just go to registration and you can Actually go ahead and sign up for free By putting your name a password and Email and then I'm not a robot and Create now what this allows you to do is You can literally post your free ad on One of the busiest free advertising Websites in the world okay so this site Gets thousands of visitors every single Day and what you can do is you can Actually go here and you can select a Category that you want to post an ad in Okay so what happens is a lot of people Are going to the site and they're Looking at these different ads they're Viewing them and what happens is when

You can post these ads for free on here And they see your ad they will get Interested and again they will get Redirected to our sales page so they Have an opportunity to buy okay so again Once you log into your account you just Want to click publish your ad right here Now for select category again you want To select category that's most relevant To the product you're promoting in this Case you can just do business Opportunities that's fine select Subcategory so we would do Health okay Because we're in the health and fitness Niche now title this is where you want To write a title that's going to pique People's interests so again you can get Inspiration from the sales page I can Look up here it says the Alpine secret For healthy weight loss so I can Actually use that as the title the Alpine secret to weight loss okay now I Can say discover the shocking okay to Make it more interesting discover the Shocking Alpine secret of weight loss Description this is just the body of the Ad you can write something very simple If you're struggling to lose weight and Shed body fat I have a powerful secret Solution for you it has to do with using Certain nutrients and plant-based Ingredients to rapidly shed fat from Your body notice again I'm not talking About the the actual name of the product

I'm not talking about you know these Pills these capsules I'm leaving it Vague but I'm also peaking their Interest so if they're struggling to Lose weight they're going to want to be Interested and then I all I have to do Is say discover how to do it right here And then I would just do that okay now You can go down here and you can Actually put in the affiliate link there Discover how to do it right here right Then what I can do is I can go to Another site totally free called Tinyurl.com and when you do affiliate Marketing online it's often not great to Just promote this long link right here This affiliate link because it's very Unattractive for people if they see it So what you can do is copy this put it Into a site like primeurl.com and then You can actually make time URL and what This does is it shortens so this is Actually the link right here so I just Click copy and now we can replace that So now this is the shortened link and if You go to this page now it will redirect To this sales page so now we go back Here okay so I can paste that in like That if you want to add images you can Price okay you can say free listing Location so you typically have to choose A listing location for the ad you can Really choose any big city okay so I can Do Colorado I can do like Denver any big

City really does not matter we just want As many people to see this as possible Okay please visit our website you can Put in the affiliate link again right There keywords if you want it to show up In certain places the ad you can type in You know Health weight loss lose body Fat okay anything like that and then all You have to do is make sure you click no Thanks so it's free and then just click Publish okay and there we have it once It redirects here it was automatically Published and people will start to see This free ad just like these other ones And when they click on it they will get Taken to the link that we put in okay so This is the ad right there and then it Gets taken here and then people can go Ahead and buy well there we have it my Friend I really really hope you enjoyed Learning how to start affiliate Marketing it's incredibly powerful to Make income online and create a freedom Lifestyle be sure again go down to the First link directly below get my free Four day affiliate marketing crash Course that will take you by the hand Step by step and help you make your First two thousand dollars even as soon As this week thanks so much for watching My friend also subscribe so you don't Miss out on my latest videos and until Next time I will see you on my next Training

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